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Red Springs, North Carolina




She gave birth to a healthy baby. Will you give me a piece of wood? Jwahar said he went swimming yesterday. I want to contact him. Do you know his phone number? He was not quick enough. Donovan swims quite fast. I must get there by 9 o'clock. I'm still alive, and that's the main thing, Father says.

I've done something wrong.

He is what is called a champion of justice.

He looks young, but actually he is over forty.

Who is knocking? She already has a new boyfriend. Don't expect me to help you with your homework. I think it won't be a problem. Some implicit elements can be made explicit. If you lose your way, ask a policeman. "I don't know," admitted Beth. The influence of the Arabic language is quite evident in the Spanish language. This is an adverb. People ought to have the freedom to think for themselves.

I went running past them. Just apologize to Matthew. It gets extremely cold toward dawn. Battling Bowser for real will require all 120 stars. They're weird. Duane showed Rudy how to use the washing machine. If you get bit by a rabid dog, you'll need a tetanus shot. A friend deceived her. He is stronger than I am. He entered through the window.

I think your eyes are very beautiful. We'll be on the road for a total of five days. Kriton told me he didn't actually want to do that. He studies much harder than before. I was glad to hear of your success. I played with the champion. Since his parents are French, Spass usually speaks French at home. I will account for the incident. I want an hourly update about what's happening. To many people today, "competitive" is a bad word.

What's the plan, then? The wedding is still a few days away. Would you like some more? They made little of my effort to make our class enjoyable. You should pay more attention to your own safety. That house, the roof of which is red, is my uncle's. Fighter jets were scrambled to intercept an airliner that deviated from its flight path. He went to Nagoya on business. I'm not interested in you.

I asked the waiter where the post office is located. You are such a loser. Matthias thinks that nothing bad can happen to him. It's not so little. Don't you remember the question? I've just renewed my passport, so it's good for another ten years. You can't force me to do anything. I would like to inquire about your services and prices.

Jun hasn't talked to me about his personal life. He looked as if he had been ill. Ilya caught three large trout. Everybody is against me. Christie treats his employees generously. Maria must've found out about the party from Samir. We stayed behind to help Brenda. Tell Syd to leave me alone.

Herve is drop-dead gorgeous. I got it We need to decide whether to accept or reject your request. Excuse me! May I open the window? Don't be sad.

I watched the news on TV after supper. I have no desire to do that. I'm not expecting you to help us. Your hair wants cutting. The communists called each other "comrades". Take him away. Morgan and Karl don't know each other. It's quite likely that FIFA is rotten to the core. I want to get smarter.

He came back about nine last night. It is so quiet one can hear the the clock tick behind the wall. Eileen Collins is a wife and mother. She met her husband when both were flying C-14s in the military. I'm flabbergasted to hear that from you.

Almost all of my neighbors are nice. Did you study French yesterday?

There are more of those in the drawer. You've been drugged. Nobody got shot. I wish it were that easy. Do you know how to get to our place? Please excuse me for a second. I bought the novel on which the film is based. It is raining worse than ever.

Where do you keep your textbooks? Frederic and Claude were frightened. He suddenly hit on a good idea while he was taking a bath. Dimetry is either mistaken or he's a liar. Clare was like a brother. Horst had a look of desperation on his face. Shutoku and John are both competent alchemists. Gypsy often shows himself to be the more skillful, but both experience explosions in the lab.

I'm not familiar with that subject. He is close with his money.

Sheep eat grass. Don't leave the house. I am very busy practicing after school. Gail may do whatever he wants to. It was not long before I got a call from him. He is not equal to his father. How long ago was Brazil discovered? They give nothing. Huey is very unfriendly.